Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Thoughts -- Checking the pH level of your inkwell

The temperature will be approaching 60 today, here in Suburbia Majora, a reminder that the month could just as easily be called "Fluxuary" here in Virginia.  Or, I could wring my hands like the warmist church and cry "Global Warming!", but I both digress and snark.

The Catbird Seat in on its way back to getting up on plane after nearly a year's hiatus.  Though it may have appeared as either sloth or boredom on my part, the cobwebs were intentional.  Following a tumultuous period, I needed a time of focus and introspection; a time of self-examination and time of directional reorientation.  Both proved very necessary and very helpful.  Before returning to the keyboard, some timely thoughts began to brew up in my head that I hope may have been divinely inspired.  I hope these insights will be helpful guiding principles while sitting in the seat.  Too, some helpful insights have been called in from others.  Underground Pewster, your wisdom and wit are always timely, Thanks.

A seemingly odd thought popped into my mind (not that that's so unusual), that went something along the lines of "you need to check the pH level of your ink well.  I took High School Chemistry and College Biology so my knowledge of chemistry is at best, average.  At first go, the thought seemed just quirky, random and bordering on "B'wuh?". The thought stuck so I rolled it around and analyzed it.  pH is the measurement of acidity, normally in a liquid.  The pH scale spans from from liquids like battery acid up to liquids like ammonia or liquid chlorine.  We can see highly toxic and dangerous substances at both ends of this scale.  The more I considered it, it became clear that this thought pertained to the outpourings here on the blog.

Clearly, the streaming electrons that make up the 1's and 0's which ultimately form on the screen as text have no pH value.  Yet, it could easily be acidic or caustic in its content.  So, how about an alternative meaning for the abbreviation; pH could represent "potential for holiness", or "potential for helpfulness".  Or, maybe it just speaks about keeping a healthy balance to what pours out of the heart through the fingertips and onto the keyboard.

When you put thoughts and opinions out for public consumption, you put yourself in the cross hairs.  Any given reader will react to bloviations in ways unique to their own makeup.  I get this.  I will though, try to write with a feather pen not a sledgehammer. 


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