Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quod facit differentiam in anno

What a difference a year makes!  Today, my blood pressure was 124/72 with a pulse of 75.  This time last year, it was hovering at 170/108 with a pulse of 120.  Its an absolute truth that stress is a killer and I have to wonder if I'd still be here without the change of scenery.

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Undergroundpewster said...

Maybe the blog was a factor. Let's see what happens since you have resumed blogging. Some comments can be a cause of stress. Maybe that is why people avoid taking a stand on certain issues. It is far easier and perhaps better for one's physical health to avoid them. But what about one's spiritual health?

Most of us can feel the point when polite and civil discussion transitions into stressful and destructive behavior although what some consider destructive (usually when your own closely held opinion is going down), others consider instructive.