Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flight 2011 Reports the Runway in Sight

2011 is less than two and a half hours from crossing the runway into the history books. I'm not entirely jazzed about becoming another year older, but I am happy to see this year in the rear view mirror.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Feast of the Holy Innocents

The Feast of the Holy Innocents, this was always the scary component of the Christmas Story for me as a child. Thinking that a madman could order the killing of all little boys in a region was the stuff of dark nightmares. As I grew, I wondered why this account wasn't splashed across the history books as a moment of infamy, this changed when I learned more of the scarlet character of the Idumean pretender to the throne of David.

To be succinct and without the benefit of a degree in Psychology, I can simply state that Herod was bat-scat crazy. This puppet king's paranoia was off the map, and anyone whom he perceived as a threat to his tenuous grasp of power was dead meat. He left a blood trail that was wide and deep, so much so that a few dozen little boys in Bethlehem would be little more than a footnote in the bigger picture.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the Winter's Solstice

A Little Loreena on Winter's first morning.

AG Opens new front in War on the Republic

In an apparent effort to ensure that "Occupy 1600" continues by "whatever means necessary", AGUS Eric Holder is opening up a new front on the Republic, one that will rupture a sewer pipe, spewing corruption and voter fraud across the 2012 election landscape.

Read more here.

Remember, this is the same Eric Holder who refused to pursue charges against two bat- wielding, beret-wearing terrorists in Philadelphia, and hoped to use the effects of Operation Fast and Furious to precipitate the squashing of citizen's rights under the 2nd Amendment.

Here's the bottom line: we can't buy Sudafed or Claritan without showing an ID. I can't board the Cape May-Lewes Ferry without showing an ID. ID's are used to match voters with voter roles, preventing fraud. Removing the ID requirement on election day will only take the opportunity for such fraud and cause it to explode geometrically.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Morning After a Dental Procedure

I Had a brand new experience yesterday in the comfort of a Dentist's chaise lounge yesterday evening, centering on the extraction of the upper-right #2 molar. If a song says it all in describing that procedure, I'd say it would be owned by Verdi's Anvil Chorus, or Coro di zingari, from his opera Il trovatore.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Advent Musical Meditation

I loved this song back in the day as it was a nugget of gold in an otherwise sea of fluffy Christian kitsch. Would that we could wake every morning with the sense of Advent within our hearts.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Most obscure Christmas Song -- Winner!

Our Celebration Seniors had their Christmas Luncheon this week at the rectory and all who made the event had a great time. A trivia game was played where contestants had to guess the titles of songs that were "restated" (e.g. "Those who are true may approach" = "O come all ye faithful"). Well, among the titles was "Suzanne, the frigid drip, draws nigh".

I don't remember ever hearing Rosemary Clooney's Suzy Snowflake and such, it's been awarded The Catbird Seat's Melodia Obscura prize for 2011.

NIMBY down at Trinity Wall Street

When Occupy Wall Street (OWS) broke on the scene, they were warmly endorsed by many great institutions and individuals such as the American Nazi party, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Hamas, Nancy Pelosi and POTUS B.H. Obama. True to their DNA and predictably, the Episcopal Church gave its endorsement to this collage of public defecators and dope smokers. Apparently, endorsements wear out the moment the endorsees bring their droppings and dope smoke over to your house.

After loosing the good will of Mr. Bloomberg and having to clear out of Zucotti Park, the OWS kids decided to squat on Duarte Square, land owed by Trinity Wall Street (TWS). This led to their immediate removal by the NYPD. The crew returned, only to be arrested again. Trinity has released a Statement justifying their actions.

Being liberal doesn't automatically bequeath being unwise; the leadership of TWS saw the disaster left at Zucotti by the protesters and had no desire to see their property defiled.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Phil Ashey Opines

Phil Ashey+ has provided some gratis gravitas for us in his weekly perspective on the continuing state of affairs in S. Carolina.

The Bishops involved in this state that they're simply following the mandates of Matthew 18 in dealing with an "erring brother". In this passage, Christ instructs his disciples that if in the end, if a brother not listen, he's to be treated as a pagan. If this is the case and these bishops follow the paradigm of the Episcopal church, They'll have no recourse but to make +Mark Lawrence either a seminary Dean or have him stand for the office of PB. OK, all snark aside and back to serious reflection.

This Bishops have, in fact, not moved in the spirit of Matthew 18. In the admonition, there is a clear crescendo of action that begins personally and privately before becoming a matter of public (church) concern. Our concerned Bishops have made their "concern" a very public matter in the form of their press releases. In light of this, one has to wonder if this has entered a new phase, one of "war by proxy"?

Funny, I've had more folk tell me that I could pass for Phil's+ younger brother... an honor indeed.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I Believe in Saint Nick

To all the grumpy sanctimonious supersaints with a beef with Saint Nick, I say "PFFFBBBBBITTT". This Deacon not only believes in Saint Nick, but thinks that the Church would be blessed if more of her saints felt so, and emulated the traits that made Nicholas of Myrna a mighty man of God.

I have heard some pretty outrageous and breathless stories surrounding Santa. The Jack Chick wing of Christianity likes to equate "Santa" with "Satan" (A stretch, but there are folk who will go to the wall over this). Our "Santa" can be traced back all the way to the dawning era of Christianity. The name "Santa Claus" sprouted from the mispronunciation of the Dutch "Sinter Klaas" (Saint Nicholas), a man of deep and abiding faith in the Almighty and one who's faith had real shoe leather.

Nicholas was born to an ethnic Greek family during the second half of the Third Century in the city of Patara, Asia Minor (Turkey). He was orphaned early as a result of the plague but being from an influential family, he was not left destitute. This wealth would become a source of blessing for the poor and destitute and Nicholas was soon recognized for his faith, devotion and compassion. In short order, this young man would be made Bishop of Myrna, a coastal city of Asia Minor. Here, Nicholas' ministry was extended to the sailors and mariners who made Myrna a port of call. Nicholas would become acquainted with suffering during the bitter Diocletian persecution, a horrible onslaught against the Church. With the passing of this, Nicholas returned to Myrna where his ministry continued.

Nicholas was present at the Council of Nicea in 325 where history records his staunch stand for the historic, apostolic faith. A story exists that during this event, in a moment of extreme frustration at the blustering of a heretic, Nicholas punched Arius square in the nose. Other stories speak not to a bishop turned boxer, but to a man who would carry out acts of compassion under the cover of night or place his own life at risk to rescue sailors. The Bishop left this life for life eternal on December 6, 343.

Anglicans remember Nicholas today, praying:

Almighty God, in your love you gave your servant Nicholas of Myra a perpetual name for deeds of kindness both on land and sea: Grant, we pray, that your Church may never cease to work for the happiness of children, the safety of sailors, the relief of the poor, and the help of those tossed by tempests of doubt or grief; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

A Happy Saint Nick's Day to all!