Thursday, December 08, 2011

Phil Ashey Opines

Phil Ashey+ has provided some gratis gravitas for us in his weekly perspective on the continuing state of affairs in S. Carolina.

The Bishops involved in this state that they're simply following the mandates of Matthew 18 in dealing with an "erring brother". In this passage, Christ instructs his disciples that if in the end, if a brother not listen, he's to be treated as a pagan. If this is the case and these bishops follow the paradigm of the Episcopal church, They'll have no recourse but to make +Mark Lawrence either a seminary Dean or have him stand for the office of PB. OK, all snark aside and back to serious reflection.

This Bishops have, in fact, not moved in the spirit of Matthew 18. In the admonition, there is a clear crescendo of action that begins personally and privately before becoming a matter of public (church) concern. Our concerned Bishops have made their "concern" a very public matter in the form of their press releases. In light of this, one has to wonder if this has entered a new phase, one of "war by proxy"?

Funny, I've had more folk tell me that I could pass for Phil's+ younger brother... an honor indeed.

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