Monday, May 24, 2010


Speaking as the scion of immigrants…

Ya know what gentle reader? I have a mas macho beefe with Felipe and his pathetic scolding last week. Yes you know the ones. First, there was the one made on the Whitehouse lawn while BHO assisted in heaping scorn on the Republic he swore to defend, not dismantle. Then there was the tortured little screed delivered in the presence of the most corrupt, sycophantic bevy of weasels to stink up Capitol Hill since our Republic’s birth. How dare you sir, step on American soil to excoriate her citizens. Before scolding us for our audacity to define or borders and defend our laws, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror there, El Jefe.

Mr. Calderon’s diatribe is quickly hoisted on its own petard upon examination of his own view of unchecked migration. In Mexico, you had better had your papers in close proximity as authorities will quickly determine you legal status in their sovereign state. Those there illegally will be summarily be deemed persona non-grata and given a ride to the border. Or worse, they may find themselves at the mercy of corrupt authorities who’ll exploit their status. Being convicted of illegal immigration in Mexico carries up to a two-year jail term and repeat offenders may find themselves incarcerated for up to ten years.

Legal immigrants in Calderon’s Mexico must pass a stiff muster. To immigrate, one must have job offer letter in hand, or possess an independent source of wealth. There are no “bilingual public services” or “Spanish as a second language” programs in the schools for the crumb crunchers. The legal alien in Mexico has no political voice. Were they to gather up the grapes to found their on version of “The Race” (La Raza), their status would be immediately revoked and they’d be standing in El Paso, Brownsville or San Diego.

So by way of comparison, the Illegal in our Republic gets the keys to the fridge and mini-bar, the Illegal on el Jefe’s side gets the business. The legal resident alien, on this side enjoys the privileges of a constitutional republic, the legal resident alien on that side is told to cork his piehole or start packing.

President Calderon’s true beef becomes evident once one takes a cursory look at the economic picture of Mexico. In terms of revenue, Mexico’s primary income source is derived from oil exports. Its second source is derived from wire transfers, money orders and plain old cash that’s brought back or sent back by those illegally resident in the United States. Strip away his egalitarian claptrap, and we see its all about the ‘Benjamins.

Mr. Calderon, I say bollocks to your strawman beef against the law-abiding citizens of Arizona. Mr. President, stop with the apology tour and start upholding the oath of President of the United States of America. Stop using every opportunity to take a swipe at the Republic which duly elected you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Pentecost Sunday -- II

I have to confess, my understanding of the Day of Pentecost was, for a time, stilted and Anemic. Coming to faith in a Pentecostal Church (Church of God Cleveland, TN), my focus had previously been nailed on the external manifestations that occurred as the 120 were gathered in that upper room. For too long, this Deacon was fixated on the "signs and wonders" aspects of Pentecost and the entire "pentecostal" experience. I began to see these things in an entirely new light in my journey into Anglicanism.

The gift of the Holy Spirit wasn't dispensed for the sole elevation of the the individual believer, nor was it given in order for the Church to have a "Holy Ghost Hoopla". Think for a moment, the tribulations and tortures that were levied against the saint and the Church in the decades and centuries after the Church's birth. Saints were exposed to perhaps the most horrifying deaths imagined by humanity. Death by the sword, death by wild beasts, death by fire and other machinations; the mind boggles and the soul cringes. But lets ask the question, would these Saints have been able to withstand this hellish onslaught without the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit wasn't given for our entertainment or for our petulant pleasure. No, far from it. That "Other Comforter" has been sent that in these last days, that we might be powerful witnesses for the Almighty and his coming kingdom.

May we might be found faithful vessels of the Almighty...

On Pentecost Sunday -- I

This was sung just before the Gospel reading

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Membership Saturday

Its a picture-perfect Saturday afternoon here in Suburbia Majora, and I'm sitting in the back of a room full of folks (32 in all) who've given a pristine day in order to attend Celebration Church's inaugural Membership Class. I find this especially cool as because at this time last year, this same number represented our total constituency.

The class has started out with Father Toby Larson sharing his thoughts on "What is the Church?" These thoughts centered on ideas concerning the state of the church here in America, the state of believers, and the role of "The Team".

In a segue, Toby then did an "around the room" introduction, asking folk to introduce themselves by first name and stating the "one place" that they might take a visitor here in the local area. Responses varied from visiting Carl's for a malt, to a visit to Arlington National Cemetery.

Our attention was then turned to Psalm 56, which Toby then used as a subject in which to discuss our trust in the Almighty.

Following a short break, the group was blessed by Coston Cheatham (hope thats the correct spelling), then Toby addressed questions received following the psalm.

Out of the gate, Toby stressed the point that the church can only do so much in the instillation of Faith into our young people. This is first, the mission of the family and the home. "What happens in the home will reflect in the Church". To provide an apt illustration, he spoke of the family life of Martin Luther. (A bit of trivia, but the Luther home was the first Protestant parsonage).

Toby stressed the fact that there are plenty of openings for service within the church.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

National Day of Prayer -- II

From Michael Card...

On the morning of the National Day of Prayer

In the next two hours, I'll be leading a National Day of Prayer observance on Quantico. If the worst case plays out, this might be the last time that the first Thursday in May is proclaimed by the President as a national day for intercession and repentance. Regardless of how this sad story plays out, Americans of Faith will continue to call out to the Almighty on behalf of their country and countrymen. Let us pray:

Almighty and ever-living God, we thank you for the privilege to gather before you to intercede on behalf of our nation. We thank you too, for the burden you’ve placed in our hearts for this land, and for our fellow citizens.

As we gather, we stand in the shadow of those who’ve come before us. We gaze through history’s rearview mirror and see how our fathers sought you at the birth of our nation. We see too Lord, your providential hands that nourished and protected the young nation. In times of both plenty and peril, our predecessors knew you to be their source of provision, protection and guidance.

Today, as in other times, we find ourselves Lord, in a moment of peril and trial. Our nation is at war with an enemy who would see our way of life destroyed. We’re faced with seeming insurmountable economic woes, and a legislature at loggerheads. Surely Lord, we need your hand in such a time as today.

We ask that you might first move within our lives, that we would be used as change agents for good. We pray that we might become channels of your peace and mercy to those you’ve placed in our lives and paths. Our prayer too, as public servants, is that through your help, we will be faithful and diligent stewards of the nation and its collective trust.

We lift up those who govern and lead this nation. We ask that those elected would always place stewardship and statesmanship ahead of ambition and strife; in so that they might be sensitive to your leading. In this, that our nation might be that shining city on the hill; a beacon of hope for all nations.

Finally Lord, we seek your protection against our enemies. Not because we are deserving, but because you are one whose first principles include mercy and lovingkindness. Protect us not only from our enemies, but from ourselves that we might not only be recipients stewards of your blessings in this day, but be able to bequeath your bounty to those who will follow after us.

All of this, we ask, seek and hope for in your name.


I hope you'll pause today and remember this blessed land. Keep in mind, any greatness possessed by this land is a gift from the Almighty.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Music to Soothe the Soul

"Peace (A Communion Blessing from St Joseph's Square) " By Rich Mullins

Monday Evening

Sometimes, its a stretch to find the words to articulate whats been filling up the heart and the space between the ears.

Our world is becoming an ever more dangerous place. Our country (I'm wont to use the term "nation" as implies a common unity) is being torn by those seeking to recreate her in their own image, irrespective of constitutional constraints or consent of the governed. That last thought, by the way, is a message that desperately needs to echo in the halls of government. Despite his (BHO's) Freudian slip, American Citizens are not "ruled over", they offer their consent to be led by way of the ballot. And, should the elected prove themselves poor stewards of the trust invested by the citizenry, they may be rightfully and peacefully retired by means of ballot box. This isn't "right wing extremism", or "white racism", this is the United States Constitution in motion. This document has served to lay a foundation, for what has been in the previous two centuries, the most blessed and prosperous nation in human history.

Have the United States been the perfect expression of Liberty in her brief history? Of course not; I'd be arrogant and foolish to assert such. But when she has recognized her error, the United States has been quick to change course and amend her mistakes. Still all of this having been said, though she's no perfect expression of Liberty, I'll boldly state that she may well be the BEST expression of Liberty.

All of this could change under our noses if we continue to allow our vigilance to slip. A citizenry at rest can miss the subtle movements of would-be Orwellian overlords and overreaching Nanny-staters who would suffocate liberty and smother freedom by installment.