Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Evening

Sometimes, its a stretch to find the words to articulate whats been filling up the heart and the space between the ears.

Our world is becoming an ever more dangerous place. Our country (I'm wont to use the term "nation" as implies a common unity) is being torn by those seeking to recreate her in their own image, irrespective of constitutional constraints or consent of the governed. That last thought, by the way, is a message that desperately needs to echo in the halls of government. Despite his (BHO's) Freudian slip, American Citizens are not "ruled over", they offer their consent to be led by way of the ballot. And, should the elected prove themselves poor stewards of the trust invested by the citizenry, they may be rightfully and peacefully retired by means of ballot box. This isn't "right wing extremism", or "white racism", this is the United States Constitution in motion. This document has served to lay a foundation, for what has been in the previous two centuries, the most blessed and prosperous nation in human history.

Have the United States been the perfect expression of Liberty in her brief history? Of course not; I'd be arrogant and foolish to assert such. But when she has recognized her error, the United States has been quick to change course and amend her mistakes. Still all of this having been said, though she's no perfect expression of Liberty, I'll boldly state that she may well be the BEST expression of Liberty.

All of this could change under our noses if we continue to allow our vigilance to slip. A citizenry at rest can miss the subtle movements of would-be Orwellian overlords and overreaching Nanny-staters who would suffocate liberty and smother freedom by installment.

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