Thursday, May 06, 2010

On the morning of the National Day of Prayer

In the next two hours, I'll be leading a National Day of Prayer observance on Quantico. If the worst case plays out, this might be the last time that the first Thursday in May is proclaimed by the President as a national day for intercession and repentance. Regardless of how this sad story plays out, Americans of Faith will continue to call out to the Almighty on behalf of their country and countrymen. Let us pray:

Almighty and ever-living God, we thank you for the privilege to gather before you to intercede on behalf of our nation. We thank you too, for the burden you’ve placed in our hearts for this land, and for our fellow citizens.

As we gather, we stand in the shadow of those who’ve come before us. We gaze through history’s rearview mirror and see how our fathers sought you at the birth of our nation. We see too Lord, your providential hands that nourished and protected the young nation. In times of both plenty and peril, our predecessors knew you to be their source of provision, protection and guidance.

Today, as in other times, we find ourselves Lord, in a moment of peril and trial. Our nation is at war with an enemy who would see our way of life destroyed. We’re faced with seeming insurmountable economic woes, and a legislature at loggerheads. Surely Lord, we need your hand in such a time as today.

We ask that you might first move within our lives, that we would be used as change agents for good. We pray that we might become channels of your peace and mercy to those you’ve placed in our lives and paths. Our prayer too, as public servants, is that through your help, we will be faithful and diligent stewards of the nation and its collective trust.

We lift up those who govern and lead this nation. We ask that those elected would always place stewardship and statesmanship ahead of ambition and strife; in so that they might be sensitive to your leading. In this, that our nation might be that shining city on the hill; a beacon of hope for all nations.

Finally Lord, we seek your protection against our enemies. Not because we are deserving, but because you are one whose first principles include mercy and lovingkindness. Protect us not only from our enemies, but from ourselves that we might not only be recipients stewards of your blessings in this day, but be able to bequeath your bounty to those who will follow after us.

All of this, we ask, seek and hope for in your name.


I hope you'll pause today and remember this blessed land. Keep in mind, any greatness possessed by this land is a gift from the Almighty.

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Unknown said...

The latest issue of BBC History Magazine has a very interesting article on National Days of Prayer across the pond....

You're fearful that this may be the last here? Lemme tell ya: the Brits haven't done one since the dreadful Labour government of the late 1940s!