Thursday, June 06, 2013

June 6, 1944 -- Operation Overlord D-Day

It was sixty-nine years ago in the early hours of the day that the bravest of America, Britain and Canada crossed the narrow ribbon of sea between England and France to fling themselves into a hail of Nazi lead.  These young men were the point of the spear that would pierce the heart of Adolph Hitler's forces occupying Western Europe.  That day, upwards of 5,000 men laid down their lives as a ransom for freedom.

Sixty-nine years ago folk across this Republic heard their President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt lift this prayer to the Almighty on behalf of those brave men storming the beaches of Normandy.  Though I'm certainly not his greatest fan, I'm still moved by his D-Day prayer nonetheless.

May our Lord bless and keep those of the "Greatest Generation".