Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rabid Racism?

This is disturbing video, and it truly reveals a sin-sick heart in Helen Thomas. Had another talking head made a like statement about any other people group, they'd have been quickly shown the door. After watching the video, I'm left with two possible conclusions. First, she's faded into her twilight years and is now in a state where reason and logic have started to become muddled. If so, its time for Ms. Helen to quietly retire to an assisted living center in Naples, FL. Otherwise, we're listening to a lady who is just plain evil. Spewing venom like that usually requires a Hazmat sticker to be slapped on yer' forehead. Personally, I hope she is in the former state as otherwise, she sounds as one who keeps a white hood, a cross and lighter fluid in her closet.

Having a anti-semite at the Whitehouse on an event like this is tantamount to having David Duke show up in there in February.


Perpetua said...

It is very creepy.

I find it hard to believe that even someone who thought this way would say it out loud unless they were suffering from some sort of diminished capacity.

The garish bright makeup on her lips and cheeks also suggest some sort of diminished capacity.

maddy said...

people dont understand that israel is key to the lords return. we as christians need to realize that our savior is jewish...that he followed his jewishness to a "t".
we need to pray for the peace of israel and for the lords return to zion.
god help all those who do not support israel and the jewish people. we need to pray for the jew's salvation in accepting yeshua as their savior. the bible says they will accept him. but we as christians need to realize that we are no better or worse than gods chosen people. and they still are gods chosen ones...god never renegs on his covenents!
and the jews are his covenent people.
lets pray for the peace of israel and help them see that we love their jewish messiah. that yeshua is their messiah too. we need to love the jews....not hate them.

Christian Prophet said...

Helen wanted to retire, but couldn't consciously make the decision, so subconsciously set herself up. Bless her heart. We just have to love her.

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