Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going Home

Its been a stressful series of days since last week, when I learned that my dad was admitted to Brandywine Hospital up in Coatesville. A scare dealing with fluid accumulation in the lungs and a surgery later, he'll be heading home to recuperate and re-energize. We'll be heading up the road for a visit tomorrow.

I've noticed a interesting phenomenon when I return home to Coatesville; everything seems so much smaller than I remember it to be. My first home at 828 Stirling Street, with its steps, front porch and fenced back yard seems huge in my memory. Yet it becomes incredibly diminished when seeing it again in person. The same exists when viewing Coatesville from street level on Lincoln Highway (Lancaster Ave to the rest of the world). The homes and shops didn't seem so packed in together as a kid. The distance between Sante's and Teti's seemed to stretch forever.

I'll have camera in hand tomorrow so hopefully there'll be some photos here later.


jmw said...

Sounds like what Updike is always writing about PA.

maddy said...

ahhh...isnt that the way it is. when i saw my dad after 28yrs, he looked so little...he was huge to me in my memories. amazing huh?
bless your dad for me when you see him. and bless you and your family!