Saturday, June 12, 2010

Membership Saturday II

Its another great morning at the Salem Fields Library down in Spotsylvania Virginia. Another 24 folk have come out for a morning membership seminar.

Following an opening prayer by the parish Deacon, the senior warden gave a brief presentation concerning the vestry. Father Toby then gave thoughts concerning negotiables vs. nonnegotiables.


jmw said...

And what did he say is negotiable?

Andy said...

Toby touched on two categories of issues, those which are cause of discussion and debate, but not division, as well as those truly watershed issues that define historic, orthodox Christianity.

Negotiable issues covered things like:
Eschatology (pre-, pan-, post, or amillenialism)
Creation (six literal days vs. “day age”, theistic evolution, etc)
The moderation vs. prohibition debate concerning alcohol
Bible translations
Padeo vs. Adult Baptism

Nonnegotiable issues included:
The tri-unity of the Godhead
The uniqueness and sufficiency of Christ
The veracity and sufficiency of Scripture
The sanctity of life
Biblical sexuality

If I were to encapsulate those nonnegotiable truths, I would point to the Apostle's, or Nicene Creeds.

jmw said...

Well, in point of fact we are "divided" by baptism amongst other things, as is obvious by the hundreds of Baptist churches around here.