Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On the ground in Broward

Ya know what? it's been a long two and a half days. 48 hours ago, I was bundled against the backside of an Alberta Clipper and bundled up in Northern Virginia. Tonight, I'm in a T-shirt oogling the palm trees and thinking about dinner... A Cuban Sandwich perhaps?

Palm Trees Flamingos and Broward/Dade Counties make me think of my favorite cop show from the 80's. (C'mon, you thought it was as cool as I did back then.) The boats, the cars, the threads, it was all too cool. But for all its hip vibe, it was completely out of touch with reality. Think about it, what Miami Detective in the 80's could float Crockett & Tubbs lifestyle in a Detective's salary? Anyhoo, it was a fun watch.

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