Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day

The Nontheist or Religious Humanist dreams for "Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Man" from a nonor extrabiblical perspective, while the Evangelical Christian stridently states that there will be no peace on this earth until the Christ returns. The Evangelical is correct in their assertion that there will be no lasting/permanent peace until the Almighty brings about Act III and the restoration. This said, there is no reason that we should accept nor allow our world to be a seething hell until that moment.

Boxing Day has traditionally been a day when those in UK and many of her daughters (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) reached out in goodwill to the widow, orphan, downtrodden, and those on the margins with the love and bounty of the Christmastide. I've always regretted the fact that this holiday never took root in the United States. The fact that this also falls on the feast of Stephen has special meaning for me personally, as this is one of the missions and ministries of the Deacon... That is, to stand as a bridge between the the Kosmos and the Ecclessia, or the Church and its mission field.

In the Spirit of Stephen, May we all reach out to the fields with humility, winsomeness, and the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

ah...the spirit of giving...ive discovered this very sweet thing here in the heartland of america....god has been there to take care of us as usual. as each day goes by, i pray that i never forget where all i have, am, and ever hope to be comes from him...
i love this simple little place....much more than the bookend...
i hope you are well andy...may our lord bless you always...god bless us everyone!!!!