Monday, January 21, 2008

Presidential Timber...

Some are born to greatness, some stumble onto it while others, after fooling the masses, try to move within it. True greateness however, is integral to the warp and woof of the soul of Barney O'Kane.

In 2008, one can't swing a dead cat without hitting some Big Government, mush-muscled neocon popinjay trying to sell an even softer-sided alternative to those on the left. To this end, our enemies are laughing their backsides off and plotting how to carve up these great states.

Nope, its not the season of some make-nice, girly man, its the season for a candidate who has the canines and the resolve to make a stand for America, her people and her eternal values.

Unlike so many of those would-be leaders seeking to make nice to those who'd behead us with a buck knife, Barney proposes a simple solution; rip their windpipes out. In Barney, you have a leader who's stock is known to go down into a Badger warren on a mission to enviscerate predators. If it weren't for their human companions, these scotties would have driven those filthy weasels into extinction. As our Chief Executive, Barney would, after ripping the collective windpipes out of the Taliban, et, al, would simply hike his left leg over a vanquished foe in triumph. Some grass would be kicked, and then our President O'Kane would be about the people's business.

Barney O'Kane is a leader who has been carved out of sheer highland Basalt, schooled in the durable reformed traditions of Knox, Calvin and Sproul. His political philosophies are drawn from the likes of Robert the Bruce, Rutherford, and Jefferson. In short (sorry Barney), when it comes to the overall picture, Barney's and makes William Wallace look like an Amishman on zoloft by comparison.

Next week, an ecconomic manifesto...

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