Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Equal Time

In the name of "equal time", I need to post a shot of cat #2, "Miss Sassy". Sassy is a Seal Point who has been with us nearly as long as Mistie. The two cats couldn't be more different as far as personality (i.e. Kittenality) goes. Just the same, Sassy is every bit the sweetheart as Mistie.

Unlike Mistie, who'll run at the sight of a mouse, Sassy is always ready to stalk a warm meal, and the bigger the better. The Eastern Cottontails that haunt Stafford are much faster than a 14 year old cat and will ultimately live to see another day. Still, there's something just plain cool in seeing a "grand dame" cat with the chutzpah to try and run down a rabbit.

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