Wednesday, November 09, 2011

D.W. Griffith Rides Again

The Left, for all of its self-flagellation, simply can't exorcise its racist past. The events of late serve to bring this back into sharp focus. I could focus on the rife antisemitism thats boiling over down at your local Occupy Wall Street (OWS) event. There's enough outrage to devote an entire essay to that. No, I want to talk about something equally insidious, and that is the Lynching of Mr. Herman Cain.

I've been watching the events unfold since Mr. Cain's rise to the center of our focus. Mr. Cain is an unhyphenated American with a will of steel, tough skin and a tender heart. He has earned the scorn of the establishment left because he is not beholden to the benevolent plantation owners or their grievance industry trustees. He is disparaged by the neoconservatives in the establishment right because Herman Cain has identified them as "part of the problem" through their fiscal liberalism. So, from the standpoint of both sides, Mr. Cain has become like a rock in their running shoe; one who must be marginalized, and done so quickly.

We saw it coming, or at least we should have seen it coming. A story so tawdry and banal broke on the scene; one so slimy, it could have been crafted by Larry Flynt. Suddenly (though predictably) the "Black man as sexual predator" meme was dredged up out of the swamp last week. This is no new invention, even predating the Justice Clarence Thomas affair by decades. In the past century, the very ploy was used (successfully sadly) against the giant-killer boxer and Heavyweight Champion, Jack Johnson. Though tawdry, its a simple meme to employ, simply playing on what one Blogger from Philadelphia has referred to as "Color Arousal". This same ploy was used, unsuccessfully, against Justice Clarence Thomas in September 1991.

A quick examination of the current libel against Mr. Cain wends down a trail that ultimately leads to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, by proxy. Looking at the aggrieved, we see a triad emerge consisting of David Axelrod, Chicago and the Obama administration. We see what will be shown to be an opportunistic individual playing the part of useful idiot.

When this all washes out, the DNA of the DNC will be all over this hot mess. We'll see (for he who hath eyes to see, let him see...) the true benighted soul of the party of Nathan Bedford Forrest, D.W. Griffith, Grand Wizards, Southern Segregationists, et al. Sadly, all we'll hear from the sycophants in the establishment press will be co-dependent, enabling denial or just the sound of crickets.

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