Monday, November 21, 2011

The Booing of the FLOTUS

I didn't witness it, and any take I have on the event is based on what has been reported. Apparently, the FLOTUS, Mrs. Obama received a chilly reception during yesterday's final NASCAR run at Homestead-Miami Speedway in South Florida. Both she and Mrs. Biden were "booed" by some in the crowd prior to directing the racers to "Start your engines". Come on folks, your mama's raised you better than that.

Mrs. Obama, like Mrs. Clinton before her, has been a low-level source of controversy since her public debut. She openly shared her disdain for the American Republic prior to her husband's nomination as Democratic Party candidate. She has been very vocal about American eating habits while unabashedly enjoying Five Guys burgers and fries. And also like Mrs. Clinton, she has apparently interjected herself into the policy making process. In all, she has appeared as a Nanny-Stater, a position that many regardless of party affiliation find baneful.

Now, before the full time grievance apparatchiks spin up, let's make the fact clear that this had little to do with race. (Yes, there are knuckle-dragging trogs out there that base their hatred of an individual based on their dermal melanin levels; save your breath on these reprobates because they're not listening). I suspect the motivation was overwhelmingly political. This said, I reiterate my earlier statement: Come on folks, your mama's raised you better than that.

At the risk of sounding like a professional scold or mainstream media hack, let me point towards the need for manners and civility. Booing, heckling and similar behaviors only serve to make us smaller. The most powerful and civil expressions of our disapproval is our ballots.

Truthfully, as a Christian Libertarian, this administration's policies make my head explode. I've been disappointed by our President and his seemingly "America Last" Agenda. My ballot will reflect this disappointment.

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