Monday, December 14, 2009

A Thought in Advent...

Like the video so aptly demonstrated, the hurting and wounded walk in our midst daily. It is all too easy for us to be blinded and deafened to their tears and their cries.

On that great day of reckoning, when we'll file our "travel vouchers" and settle the accounts, will we be standing there with our hands in pockets saying "Buuuwh?" Or, will we be saying to the Almighty that, in our ministry to the dispossessed that we never saw Him in the soup line. He reminds all of us kids in the peanut gallery that as we extend our hand to the most beat down, we are extending our hand to Him.

St. John the Baptizer's words should still ring in our ears... We all were a face in that clutch of copperheads trying to flee the coming wrath. May we all bring fourth the fruits of repentance, extending the Grace of the Almighty to all.

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