Monday, December 14, 2009

After the Third Sunday in Advent

Traditionally, this third Sunday in Advent is the Sunday of Gladness. Yet for the hoopla, this Sunday had a tincture of "warning" as contained in Sunday's Gospel reading.

The rub is so simple that a child can get it... Advent is a two-edged season in which we remember the babe, born into abject and crushing poverty that he might identify with us and our utter fallenness. He came, not to wallow in our brokenness, rather to lift us and wash us clean from that filth which stood between us and the Almighty. Too, we look to the King of Glory who is returning to settle a score with the Fallen one, and will establish a kingdom that will neither fade nor fall. To quote the Apostle, Come Quickly LORD Jesus, Your servants ache and long for your reign.

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