Friday, November 20, 2009


Anyone on the hunt to determine if our nation has slipped her moorings and is slipping into in institutional psychosis, and slouching onward to destruction need not overexert themselves. We've now witnessed a new low in the continuing abdication of parental responsibility in the raising of their offspring. A woman in Arkansas, (I refuse to use the term "mother") is in the news for having her pre-adolescent daughter Tased over her refusal to shower. Before pressing on, I had to wait an entire day before commenting on this as there is great risk in "Loosing one's Religion" when even lightly considering this outrageous story. We're now only beginning to see the bitter fruit of seeds sewn over the past half century by a cabal of leftist fifth columnists who have worked silently and insidiously to destroy our Republic from within. If we have any remnant sense of judgement, these conspirators should be round up and brought to a Nuremberg-like trial for their coup.

Doctor Benjamin Spock (with the round ears) was unable to convince American parents to cease from raising disciplined children, a wave of his acolytes in the form of overstepping "social workers" stepped up to cow parents into raising discipline-free little crumb crunchers. Not satisfied, a wave of socialist/Marxist judges and prosecutors made it there life's mission to criminalize Biblical child rearing to the point that a majority of parents became loathe to even scold their children for fear of criminal repercussion. In the wake, our nation (and most of the western world for this matter) has now witnessed a generation of ill-mannered little turds, and other assorted me-monkeys ascend to adulthood without even the scent of discipline. Without the benefit of structure, they've no internal self-discipline and consequently, are bereft of the skills needed to raise disciplined offspring of their own. In this void, they call on the wellspring of their own poisoned rearing to take care of their feral litters. The result is clear; little girls are tased, police now carry pediatric-grade handcuffs and the dystopic nightmare continues to grow. Parent, Grandparent, Uncles and Aunts; you can stem the tide and staunch this insanity if you're willing to develop the spines, brass assets and godly characters to affect change.

If you bred 'em, raise 'em! If you're unwilling to take personal responsibility for your progeny, place them for adoption to a family who'll be happy to fulfill that Divine mandate for you. Secondly, NEVER rely on the State to raise your brood. The unfittest of parents; the State does not discipline, they only punish (and there is a difference...) Thirdly, dismiss the Sterecore Tauri that equates discipline with abuse, in fact the two are polar opposites. Abuse is criminal behavior that has no place in a civilized society. Discipline is a Divinely-ordered mandate that facilitates the upbringing of noble citizens. A judiciously applied swat on the bottom will reinforce the concept that a tantrum is unacceptable. It will not however, "scar" the child for life.

Finally, a note to Mayor Vernon McDaniel. If you think you need to consult the FBI or Arkansas State Police to determine the propriety or legality of Officer Bradshaw's actions, I recommend that you save the time & effort by simply resigning your position as its clear that you're lacking the sound, mature judgment required to be your municipality's chief executive. Hellen Keller could see that the patrolman's judgement was nonexistant and his conduct criminal. And BTW... IT WAS CHILD ABUSE!

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