Monday, October 19, 2009

Fresh Hell from the North Carolina Hills

OK campers, Uncle Catbird wants to play a little game. Let's try and figure out just what are the biggest challenges facing God's church. Take yer' time... OK, time's up.
Did this show up anywhere on yer' lists?

OK, this isn't a goof and unfortunately, it happens far too often in the loony right circles of American Fundamentalism. Its an even wager that this group is part of what is known as "Independent Fundamental Baptists" A group that could easily be the contemporary analog for the Herodians seen in the Gospel narratives. This sect has taken the King of Kings and wrapped him in the stars & stripes. Sorry, God's one holy catholic and apostolic Church is to be the conscience of a nation, salt & light rather than a national organ.

The group makes outrageous claims against the one catholic and apostolic Church that legion, and far to numerous to address in this one essay. Based on these baseless claims, coupled with their slavish adoration of a single biblical translation, I considered the group to be a cult. I've taken this stand while still a pastor in the Church of God, Cleveland, TN. Suffice to say this made me as welcome as a wicked rash in many churches.

Now, for my heart's cry over this folderol. How in the name of all that's Holy, does this advance the Gospel message or the Great Commission? How does this self-indulgent benighted bonfire proclaim the message of the risen savior? No troops, this has no more grace than a hand grenade, no more love than a capo's cudgel! Its aberrant behavior such as this, acted out, in Christ's name that causes our Lord's name to be mocked by the pagans.

This isn't Christianity, its religious bondage that is born in ignorance, hate and fear. Pray for these, that the true light of Christ, His eternal word and transforming grace break the chains that bind.

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