Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let's go back to 1986 on a Thursday Night

C'mon Guyz, The Gipper was our Chief Executive, the Dollar was King in Europe and we were about to put the Soviet Union up on the ropes with our Pershing II and GLCM deployments. We were a superpower and had no reason to apologize to the world. Too, we weren't throwing our allies under the bus for no good reason.

Once more, its time to overthrow the tyrants and declare with one voice: "Americanium, Factum non Verba".

1 comment:

maddy said...

i still love a-ha!!!
good call andy!
i want to go back to being a super power again....i dont think we are gonna see that any time soon...not with this administration trying to hug and kiss russia along with others.
you know what was seeing our farmers getting FOOD in bags and boxes marked PRODUCT OF CHINA!!!!!
whats up with that?!?! what a sad thing to see in this country....we need another gipper!!!!