Friday, September 25, 2009

Jetting North

It's been a rush season for travel over these past few weeks, and I've spent far more nights in a bed other than my own. Three of the past six weeks have been spent in Florida and of course there was the desert trek out into the Nevada wilderness. Suffice to say that a return to life in Suburbia Majora will be a welcome change as the days begin to wane and the nights begin to chill.

Spending evenings alone and sitting at "tables for one" allow for plenty of reflection. True, there are plenty of distractions ranging from the benign to the destructive. When we kick these all aside and purpose to have deliberate quiet, these times can be rewarding.

I've given time over the past two weeks to contemplate life after November 7th. At one level, nothing will change. I'll still be fighting the battle against age, decrepitude, and gravity. I'll still be fighting off the "dunlap's", (that condition where your stomach "done laps" over your belt), and the temptation to lie in bed longer than I need to. Yet other things will surely change.

Joining the James 3 club rates among these. I'll pick up on this on the other side of the flight. For now, enjoy the ride.

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maddy said...

that day...nov 7th.....good on ya andy....