Friday, May 30, 2008

Thoughts for a Friday Afternoon

Doug Giles is the Very Antithesis of the stereotype pastor. I discovered him over at where he has a weekly column. Pastor Doug is embarking on a series of thoughts entitled "The Detergent Church".


I was being interviewed on talk radio a couple of weeks ago when the "talent" turned the discussion to my faith and my thoughts on the state of the Church in America. I'm sitting there thinking, "You invited me on your show to talk about school violence and student stupidity, and now we're talking about Jesus? Okay, whatever. God is one of my favorite topics, and as long as I get to plug my latest book, A Time to Clash, 757 times in the next 15 minutes, I'm good."

So, I informed my host that my faith was stonkin' and in my humble-yet acerbic-prophetic opinion I thought a good chunk of the American church was melting like a little Twinkie under the hot sun of assertive secularism.

The Story Continues...

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