Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Myanmar's ruling Junta: Abject stupidity or abject evil?

Once more, any doubts I may have had concerning the existence of a personal devil and the objective reality of evil has been wiped away by the week's events in the besieged country of Burma.

On Saturday, Cyclone Nargis slammed onto the Burmese coast shredding buildings and rice fields with 120 MPH plus winds. It left the Irrawaddy River Delta in a state of near total devastation. Upwards of 50,000 souls perished and millions are now at risk due to a lack of potable water, food or substantive aid. It should be noted that Al Gore was quick to add to atmospheric greenhouse gases by attributing Nargis to global warming.

This event differed from the 2004 Tsunami in the fact that where the Tsunami offered only moments of warning, Cyclones can be accurately tracked and their landfalls forecasted with relative accuracy. This wasn't Galveston, September 1900, this was Southeast Asia, May 2006. The ultimate insult lay in the fact that the Indian Government warned the Myanmar Junta 48 hours before Nargis's impending landfall.

I really don't spend any time using the seat to sling jeremiads at third world tin-pot despots, I make a loud exception for the ruling cabal holding Burma hostage....

Gentlemen, Hell holds exquisite torment for those who lead unknowing captives to violent destruction. If you knew of the impending devastation held by Cyclone Nargis and failed to warn those you suppose to govern, shame on you!! Fall on your faces and wail before the Almighty that He might forgive your murders. Repent that He might show His mercy.

Keep those Burmese survivors in your prayers. Pray that they be delivered from the darkness, pray that they may bask in the Light of Christ, and pray that they be delivered from their present distress.

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