Monday, August 07, 2006

8/7/06 -- It starts today...

Welcome to "The Catbird Seat", blog of Andy Terry. For those yet to meet me, I'm a Electronics Technician,Web developer, and aspiring Anglican Deacon. I'm the one on the right in the photo. The one on the left s Ms. Lexi, my Westhighland Terrier and faithful sidekick. To add to the mix, I'm also a Christian Libertarian.

"Wow Andy, A Christian Libertarian, isn't a contradiction of tems or a major oxynoron?" Heck no, and as this blog unfolds I hope all would see this. Despite the message being bandied about by the Prophets of PC, we live in a universe of absolutes where a right and wrong exist. We live on a planet where ideas have consequences, and many of these consequences have an eternal import. Though the American Republican Christian Right may get it on many points, they've unfortunately drank the koolaid In the name of political acceptance. They've traded vessels of gold for vessels of brass and have subsequently sold their birthrights only to sit at the conservative "Kids table". We'll talk more about this sad affair later.

Folks visiting this Blog will have the opportunity taste any number comments on the passing scene, random musings and devotional/homelitical thoughts.

More to come. Until then, Grace, Peace and Clarity to you all!


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