Friday, June 06, 2014

June 6, 1944 and the Greatest Generation's Baptism of Fire

It was only 70 years ago, an incomprehensible amount of time to many in the low-information crowd, when a tsunami of men, steel, and lead came crashing down on a remote beach in Hitler's fortress Europe.  Son's of the British Commonwealth and nephew's of Uncle Sam, by the thousands, waded and ran into a wall of gunfire that was being unleashed by the German defenders of the Norman coastline.  Wave upon wave hit those beaches that day until the Allies established a firm beachhead.  It was also a costly victory too as more Americans and other allies perished than in all the action of the passed 13 years in Southwest Asia.

It's hard to comprehend, in this age of the pajama-boy, of the raw and unbridled courage that was demonstrated on that morning by men as young as 18.  Living in the age of 30 year old boys, this level of valor can be tough to get one's head around.  It's also hard to imagine an American president who could boldly lead a Republic into prayer without the fear of some atheist with their knicker's in a wad being offended.  For those unfamiliar, that prayer is captured on the video below.

The youngest of those men who landed on the Normandy beaches are quickly approaching their 90th birthday's.  They're deserving of our thanks and our gratitude.  To those brave American's, Canadian's, Brit's and free French warriors, I say thank you and may our LORD bless and keep you all the day's of your lives.

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