Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Insight from Father Matt Kennedy

Father Matt Kennedy, who've I've shared on this site before posted a thought tthis morning that struck me as being especially profound.
In six hours, Jesus endures damnation for everyone who believes. My hell. Your hell. Notice that the two thieves live on longer than he does. Is there any significance to six hours? Mark is careful to record it. There can be no dogmatism here, but let us merely observe: God, through his Word, creates all things in six days. And then he rests. Sin enters, followed by Death, hatred, misery, ruin. But here, outside the walls of the camp, in six hours God, through his Word, makes all things new. New Creation. And then he rests.
True to Facebook form, there were those on Facebook who tried to start a pie fight by nitpicking.  Father Matt gently stated that this was an observation, not a doctrinal proposition.  

There were two things that struck me in this thought.  The first was the symmetry between the six days of creation and the six hours of the redemption.  The second was the six hours that it took the Romans to execute the Christ.

Prior to its abolition in Britain, a judicial execution was accomplished in about 30 seconds.  John Bull's hangmen were swift and lethal.  An american execution, whether by Electrocution or Lethal Injection in accomplished in under ten minutes.  Once nailed to the cross, our Christ languished a full 360 minutes suspended between Heaven and Earth as the propitiation for our sins.

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