Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Thoughts to roll around on a Tuesday

Many who are unfamiliar with the Anglican faith and its traditions/expressions have come up with some interesting ways of describing it all.  "You guys are almost Catholic" or "You're pretty much Catholic-lite" seem to be lobbed my way.  Sometimes, this is said with a super-saintly, holier then thou sneer.  Most times, its simply spoken in ignorance by one who has seen nothing beyond the clericals and vestments.

It would shock most of these folk to know that the true Anglican faith is thoroughly Evangelical at its core.  Now let me be clear, when I speak of Evangelical, I'm not speaking of the "Americanized" version that has become hyper-politicized and associated with a certain political party.  No, I'm speaking of the term in the historic, Biblical sense.  The whose message is soundly rooted in Scripture and strives to proclaim that message to all that would listen.

Bishop Peter Robinson of the United Episcopal Church has written a great piece on these thoughts which can be read here.

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