Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obama as Messiah?

This morning, many are laughing off Jamie Foxx's divine attribution to the president as satire.  But apparently, there's a measurable portion of people within our republic who are beginning to believe this as absolute fact.  Though I'm not about to run to a mountaintop and wait for the parousia over this development, it has raised my attention.

All orthodox Christian views of the end times, be it pre-, post-, a-, millenium;  pre-, mid-, post- tribulation, et, al teach of one who would raise himself up to stand against the Almighty and the people of God, the final antichrist.

Saint John tells us that that there are many "antichrists" and I believe that a study of history would reveal that there have been many such personalities who've appeared on the human stage.  I believe too, that when the Almighty brings the epoch of time and space to a close, that there will be one such person on the scene.  He will exist at a time when technology will allow him to speak globally, at once to the people of earth.  He will have the resources (PR and otherwise) to make him appear indeed as a savior of humanity, saving us from ourselves.  He'll have an innate charisma that will allow him to sway great groups of people and will seem a "uniter".

Am I saying that Barrack Hussein Obama is this man?  Not for a moment.  Would I imply that he possesses attributes of this "willful king"?  Absolutely.

We are now two generations removed from a "Christian America".  Many of the churches that were pillars of the historic faith now worship the trinity of Big Government, Abortion and Hedonism.  A growing majority of Americans represent themselves as "spiritual, not religious" (Neopaganism).  This troubled sea of humanity, though at war and alienated from the Almighty, has an aching vacuum within that cries out to worship something or someone.  This creates a recipe for cosmic disaster.

This is how the final Antichrist will rise to power.

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