Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Mighty Hand of God

My heart is heavy tonight. Though the event happened far and away, I can't get the horror of Jos Nigeria out of my head. The thought of the base, cowardly infidels slaughtering women and children followers of the way fills me with a roiling rage. There is a part of me that would pray that the Almighty would cause fire to fall from on high and consume these jihadists. Yet, I hear the voice of the Master saying "Andy, you know not what you ask for."

I'm also saddened by the fact that a young man is being remanded into custody and is starring down the barrel of a multi-year prison term in a Commonwealth that abolished parole. Though it was a "fair cop" and the young man has owned up to the offense, he will still step into an institution that either serves as a grad school for criminals, or a press that crushes men hoping to work out their debt to society.

In these sad scenes, the old Deacon (and the gentle readers) need to be reminded that regardless of the situation, the Grace of the Almighty is sufficient. The Grace, Mercy and Peace extended from on high is more than enough to daub the tears of Jos's survivors, and the family of that young man.

My prayers are lifted up for both circumstances; Intercessory prayers for family and survivors, and imprecatory prayers against those who struck the apple of the Lord's eye in Jos.

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maddy said...

pray for them.....and give it to God. do you think they died without Gods knowledge...or that God turned away just when they were to be killed?

their reward is far greater for dying in Gods name...i only pray i can do that if i am called to. to live is Christ...but to die IS GAIN...and oh! what gain! more hurt, pain, tears, loneliness, sorrows....for they are in Jesus' arms..literally!

this earth is not our home...for we have a greater with Jesus our Lord in our midst...and the Spirit of Almighty God...Creator of heaven and earth there with us. oh how great the gain!!!...this world is and was not our home....but our home is where their hearts are...and where ours are as well.

rejoice!!!! they have fought the good fight!!!! AND THEY WON!!!!!