Saturday, February 06, 2010

Locked into a Pattern?

Its truly amazing, and to the chagrin of former Vice President Gore, Suburbia Majora is in the grip of yet another Nor'easter. Unofficially, it looks like 18-20" fell on our side of the glacier, as its finally beginning to stop. Mercifully, there have been no power outages, only a few flickers. I don't suppose Padre Mickey is having to deal with this stuff.

The nearly six weeks of gym-ratting has brought a payoff concerning the snow. Though its still a monster effort to clear the foot-plus of snow off the driveway and walk, it would be unthinkable to undertake the job without the gained cardio stamina from sweatin' on the machines.

There are a great set of readings in Sunday's Lectionary, that seem to speak to the LORD's empowerment of his kids. I'll be ruminating on these in a subsequent post.

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