Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quiet Moment on a Wednesday

In the 1989, I found the Band Iona after reading a sketchy review of their first project in Charisma Magazine. I was on the heels of a time when the Contemporary Christian Music scene was awash with dreck. Many (Though certainly not all) of the acts out there were merely "sanctified alternatives" to the acts playing the FM top 40 formats. This was perfect for those who dug the sounds on the top 40 charts, but were being brow-beaten by the supersaints who demonstrated their disdain at any turn. Of course too, were the uber-sanctified supersaints who lumped Steve Camp in with the likes of Ozzy, Ratt and Sheena Easton. But then there was Iona.

Sincere worship seemed to course through Celtic strains as old as Eden. They didn't entertain as much as their music took you to that place of peace where the children could commune with their Father. A place to think and meditate... A place of adoration.

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maddy said...

this made me cry.......God have Mercy on us all....every one of Jesus' Name....