Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Reverie

Genesis, the book of beginnings, speaks of the moments where Adam examined and named the animals in God's new order. I'm certain that this process took place over a protracted period of time. I wonder where the porpoise fell into the line up?

Could Adam, in this state of innocence, converse with the porpoise? Or being the only being created in the Imago Dei, did thougthful, willful communication solely belong to the Godhead and the "living soouls" of Adam and later, Eve?

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maddy said...

how beautiful andy.....i too believe god took his time in creating. the bible says that all was created in 6 days...but then the bible say a day is as a thousand years to the the lord...what an awsome god we have! i believe there were no barriers between adam, god, and his creation. how awsome when our eyes are open to all god has in store for us when we are with him!