Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Reverie

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The title of this haunting melody is "Na Laetha Geal Moige", or (In English for the rest of us...) "The Bright Days of My Youth". I believe that this song seems to capture the essential soul of Enya. It is funny though, that I pronounce her name as "Ahn-ya".

Why Friday Reverie? The truth be known, I spend the better part of my working week wading through swamps of federal regulatory paperwork, putting out brushfires, and dodging assorted scat storms. By Friday afternoon, I'm ready to take that long exhale, offload the week, and breathe in peace for the next 64 hours. This stuff'll all be here on Monday morning so, there's no good reason to carry it out the door.

And oh, enjoy your 64 hours of weekend too!

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