Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orthopedic Update

I hopped into the Elantra this afternoon with the wonderful Miss Robin and paid a visit to my Orthopedist up in Alexandria. It was a top shelf afternoon with temperatures approaching 70. In fact, it would have been a great day to hop on the Honda had the circumstances been different; but I digress.
Doctor Nickson was pleased with the post operative progression. The incisions, and stitches were in good shape without any obvious signs of infection. Just to be sure, the Doctor prescribed a short course of antibiotics. I'll be back in his office on the 24th to have the stitches removed and have the ankle x-rayed.
There's been some unexpected blessing in the midst of all of this. I've had the opportunity to take in three of my favorite teachers (Sproul, MacArthur and Swindoll) along with catching up on my reading. In all of this, I can confidently say that Roman's 8:28 is in play here.

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Anonymous said...

i love reading swindoll! very uplifting and usually, right on the money! glad to hear you are healing nicely...prayer is a wonderful thing! as for me and my family, please keep us in your prayers...joshs relationship with anna is over...because she feels she needs to spread her wings. josh is heartbroken. tashas marriage ended at christmas time...her husband was bored...ah...pray. i know they are in our lords hands. of that i am sure.