Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prayers for a City under Seige

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I've taken time on more than one occasion to write about my hometown, Coatesville, PA. She was at one point, considered as the Pittsburgh of the East, with several vibrant steel mills that contributed to our nation's industrial might.
Coatesville was a stop along the Underground Railroad and a city of that welcomed these newly liberated Americans. Additionally, she was a melting pot for Irish, Italian and Eastern European immigrants.

My earliest memories of Coatesville were a place where you could walk from your home in the east end all the way downtown on a summer night, completely unmolested. On the way home, you could stop off at Hennessey's or Sante's drug store for an ice cream cone or a fountain cherry coke. Her cheesesteaks were the stuff or legend.

This is all now the stuff of dreams tonight as Coatesville slowly decayed into a dystopia of liberal infighting and urban blight. She collapsed into living example of Proverbs 29:18 and the city continues to struggle for rebirth.

Coatesville is in the grasp of an arson spree that has her citizens living on the edge of terror. Since the new year, she has seen fourteen incidents with Saturday evening's fire being the most recent and most severe. Her leaders are mired in finger pointing and seem powerless in the face of this crisis. Meanwhile, citizens are fearful to close their eyes at night, wondering if their home will be next.

I'd beg you reader, to call Coatesville out in prayer. Pray that the terror will end and that the arsonists would be apprehended. Pray that her leadership will come to see that their help will come neither from Harrisburg nor Washington, but from on High.

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Anonymous said...

i will keep your hometown in prayer my friend.