Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Detergent Church -- Part Four

Here's the next installment of Parson Giles' Essay on the "Detergent Church":

Herewith is my last installment on why I believe the church is culpable for our cultural corruption and my top ten raucous remedies to help the church with its mad cow disease. My recommendations are:

  • Get men who dig being rowdy back in the pulpit.
  • Could we have some sound doctrine, por favor?
  • Preach scary sermons (at least every fourth one).
  • Get rid of 99.9% of "Christian" TV.
  • Quit trying to be relevant and instead become prophetic contrarians, I'm talking contra mundus, mama!
  • Put a 10-year moratorium on "God wants you rich" sermons (yeah, that's what we need to hear nowadays, you morons, more sermons about money, money, money!).
  • Embrace apologetics and shun shallow faith.
  • Evangelize like it's 1999.
  • Push lazy Christians to get a life or join a Satanic Church.
  • Demand that if a Christian gets involved in the arts that their "craft" must scream excellence and not excrement.

The entire article can be read here:

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Danny Wright said...

This is an exelent post. Just poking around here a little bit. Great Blog. I was thinking about a post titled "one thousand Bilical sermons that will not upset the heretic."