Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I just flew into 'Frisco and boy are my arms tired...

I'm in the "City by the Bay" this week, hosting a conference along with my coworkers. It's been over fifteen years since I visited the city of Saint Francis, and I'm happy to say the the things that make the city great are still here. Unfortunately, the things that are a stench in the nostrils of the Almighty are still here as well. San Francisco doesn't hold the monopoly on vice (as Father Tob reminded me this morning), so we in the "red states" need not take Schadenfreude in the state of this city.

The morning has given me a thought... The seeds of the post-reformation/post-modern TEC seemed to have been sown in San Francisco. Think about it; a number of unwashed flower children represented in this video are now wearing Mitres and the academic robes of the Theologian.

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Anonymous said...

Bishop Pike resided in California and he was one of the first arch heretics in ECUSA/TEC.