Friday, May 11, 2007

Waiting in Boston

Airport departure lounges have become a regular fixture in my workweek. Throughout 2007, my job has had me traveling at least twice a month (Every other week for a time). The upside is that this has given me plenty of time to take in several good reads. My read for this trip is a work by Rosalind Brown & Christopher Cocksworth, "On Being a Priest Today". So far, its been an exellent discernment aid. The downside is that this has been the added challenges in trying to eat healthy and take in an exercise routine (Excuses, excuses Andy...). This week's adventure brought me to Cambridge, MA, home of such great places as Harvard and MIT. Of course one can always count on finding a 'bucks for a Venti Iced Americano with "light room"
A wicked squall line came through this morning that looked something like the one in this photo.

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