Thursday, November 30, 2006

On the feast of St. Andrew...

Out of the gate, I bid you all a happy, joyous St. Andrew’s Day! Walk your Westie, give your Scotty a good scratch behind his ears, and then drink in the crisp fall air. ( The haggis and single malt are optional).

Comparatively speaking, the Bible doesn’t say much about St. Andrew. It tells us basically that: he was a disciple of John the Baptist, he was one of the first recorded Disciples of Christ, and he led St. Peter to Jesus. St. Andrew was numbered among the 12 Apostles, specifically within the “inner ring” with Peter, John and James. As an Apostle, he was witness to Christ’s resurrection, ascension, and the outpouring on the Day of Pentecost.

Church history (Eusebius) records St. Andrew’s missionary journeys through Asia Minor, and the modern day regions of Bulgaria and Romania. Ultimately, he received his martyr’s crown on the 30th of November in A.D. 60 (Hence the Feast Day).

Unlike his brother Peter, Andrew seemed to possess a quiet and earnest spirit. Though some may be inspired by Peter’s bold statements or John’s devotion, I’m personally inspired by Andrew’s evangelistic heart. It was Andrew who said “Come and see…” It was also Andrew who brought the Boy with the fish sandwiches to Jesus. Andrew was also the Disciple who led the God-fearing Greeks to Jesus at the Feast.

Today, may we all have that same quiet spirit.

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